Paintings From Far Away -1

Back in town last week.
Posted here are few on location studies that I did on painting trips to Hunan and Anhui Provinces, southeast China.

安徽 屏山村
Pingshan Village, Yi County, Anhui Province. Peacefully nested in a valley, less than 60 miles west of the famous Mt. Huangshan ( Yellow Mountain ), the Pingshan village was established way back around 400 AD, flourished in Song dynasty, about 1000 AD. Today, over two hundred historical houses from Ming and Qing Dynasties are still standing and well kept as fine examples of Hui architecture and as silent witnesses of ancient China.

A Pond outside the Village
12" x 16", oil on linen

Morning View of Pingshan
24"x24", oil on linen

Silent Rain

20"x24", oil on linen

Dusk Light in a Quiet Alley
24"x24", oil on linen

Old Mansions of Pingshan
24"x24", oil on linen

夕照屏山Afternoon Light on the Valley,
20"x24", oil on linen

Creek in Village

20"x24", oil on linen


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