View of North Broadway, 7:00 pm

14"x11", oil on linen, NFS
I did this one hour sketch as a farewell demo for the gang in art/design dept. of BSS last week - looking right through the window on the 11th Fl of the Studio. It's a quick record ( I was racing to catch up with the changing light ) of the feel of the sunset view over Broadway at White Plains which I've been looking at every single working day in the past 3 plus years. Ciao, Soon!

mountains to climb

As friends have been telling me for quite a while: time to move on! - I finally made up my mind just about to do so. After over a decade working in the film industry, this June is my last month working in the arena. I'll be leaving BSS and taking a break to have some time for myself to paint full time, or part time. It has been a fun ride, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and yet... That's it!.
To my amazement, it‘s just so happened, that a good artist friend of mine invited me over to a painting trip to the big sky state Montana the first week of July. Posted here are few shots of the area we are gonna paint out. I was totally fired up by the stunning sights. Is it a heaven on earth - for painters anyway - or what?! I took this forthcoming trip as a sign or a call - hey, there are so many huge mountains to climb out there - I need to sharpen my brushes real good!